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What would your day be like if you lost all your computer data?

Data is the lifeline of your practice. Patient records, scheduling information, payroll, claims, billing your practice wouldn't run a day without them. Losing even one day of data can mean significant expense, disrupted cash flow, overloaded staff, interrupted service to patients and potential liability. Even if your facility performs conventional tape backups correctly, your computerized data is still at risk from:

  • hardware and software failure
  • faulty backup tapes
  • electrical outages and power surges
  • computer viruses
  • improper tape handling
  • fire and storm damage
  • theft and vandalism

    To help anticipate and avoid such problems, MicronetOhio has partnered with DataHEALTH an industry leader that specializes in providing data protection services to the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive data backup and virus protection services eliminate these risks and ensure that your data remains highly secure yet accessible whenever needed.

    Data Backup Service

    On a regularly scheduled basis, your data is transmitted automatically, in an encrypted format, to our secure, state-of-the-art data center. Because it is encrypted, the data remains 100% private--no one at our office can ever read the data. In the event that you ever lose your oringinal data, you can restore it to your hard drive or network server in its original format with a click of a button, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Proactive Virus Protection

    We scan your data for viruses brought into your system by email, computer diskettes, and software. If a virus is detected, we cleanse the data to completely eliminate the virus. If it is a new, complex virus that cannot be cleansed, we quarantine the data and notify you about available options. Our virus protection servers are continually updated to scan for the latest viruses. These updates, in turn, are passed on to our clients.

    More than just peace-of-mind, MicronetOhio offers you a fully automated process, protection from viruses, instant notification of your backup status, speed, reliability, flexible and fair pricing

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