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What would your day be like if you lost all your computer data?

MicronetOhio offers you the following benefits:


Only YOU or your authorized personnel can read the data. Because it is automatic, MicronetOhio takes the worry out of daily backups so you can focus on your work Four ways to confirm your backup, there is never any doubt. You can safeguard your system from viruses with our proactive virus protection Every component of our system is redundant to ensure total reliability


Your data and your MicronetOhio support team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Data can be backed up according to your schedule and business needs. For example, you can choose to backup every hour, once a day, or multiple times per week Our software is easily installed using an intuitive walk through wizard and uses a familiar Internet Explorer-like interface Restoring your files is accomplished with one click of a button


Your data remains completely confidential and secure - it is encrypted with the most complicated algorithm available today Your stored data remains secure from human error, hard drive crashes, power surges, theft, fire, flood, viruses and hackers Your secret encryption key ensures no one can retrieve your data unless authorized by you Our proactive virus protection eliminates the threat of data corruption resulting from viruses


Your most current data is always accessible online with a 30-day restore window. Eleven additional months are stored on CD and you have the option to archive 7 years or more of history on CD Rather than one fee for all customers, you pay based on your storage level. Read about our flexible and equitable pricing

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